Tax Expertise

Along with planning and investing, tax expertise is a critical tool in helping clients achieve their goals. As licensed tax practitioners, we weave expert tax consulting directly into our wealth management service–and that gives you an advantage few other advisors can offer.


As the saying goes, it’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep. With the help of careful tax planning, our clients are able to retain more of their wealth–and that can help them to achieve their goals more quickly and effectively. Our tax expertise has proven advantageous in areas such as:

  • managing stock options
  • maximizing inheritance
  • portfolio management


FPC’s services include preparing tax returns. Why is that a good thing for clients? Because it allows us to understand and evaluate your specific situation in great detail. Our combined expertise in the tax code and investment management, along with an up-close understanding of our clients’ situations, means we can manage your wealth more holistically and effectively than most advisors can.