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What is a Fee Only Advisor?


There are two typical ways that advisors are paid. “Commission-based” advisors collect a sales charge every time you buy an investment or other financial product that they recommend. We believe that creates a temptation for advisors to sell you more products, more often—and also to steer you toward those that pay them the highest commissions.

Fee-only advisors, on the other hand, are paid in a way that is designed to minimize conflicts of interest. At FPC, some clients pay for advice on an hourly basis. We work with those clients for as many hours as they would like and charge a fee that is clearly stated up front. Other clients choose to pay us an ongoing fee in the form of a reasonable percentage of the assets they entrust to us. That ongoing fee means we’re never tempted to think about “what’s in it for us” when choosing the best products and solutions for you.

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